ALERT: Hidden Shopping Costs

Have you ever calculated your hidden shopping costs?

  • How much time do you spend driving to the grocery each week?
  • What about the cost of gas for all those shopping trips?
  • Does searching for that “elusive parking spot” drive you crazy?
  • How do you find and keep up with money-saving coupons?
  • Ever missed valuable savings because you didn’t have the right coupon?
  • Lastly, what do all these effect on your mental state?

Prepare to be surprised. Calculate Hidden Shopping Costs.

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

Scenario 1.  Christmas Gift Shopping in a Rainstorm

It’s three days before Christmas. Two more gifts to buy and one to exchange. The fun begins! Bundle up the kiddies and head to the mall. Now its time to play “Where’s Waldo” for a parking place.

Bitter cold rain is pouring down with a huge snowstorm predicted for tonight. At last, you find a parking spot, a mile from the store. Not to be deterred, you trudge inside with package and two unhappy toddlers in tow. All the mall strollers are taken. So with your youngest balanced in your left arm, package dangling from the wrist, your right hand grasping your toddler’s hand off you go.

Can you relate to this?

Scenario 2. The Elusive “Special Outfit” for the boss’s party

The boss’s extravagant party is in two days, you need a spectacular outfit. After hours of going shop to shop, you spot the “To-Die-For outfit”, but the store doesn’t have it in your size.  You settle for a second choice, at twice the price.

Next, you eye those pricey, “Hottest Trend Kitten Heels”, that match the new outfit. The sign reads “COUPON SPECIAL Half-Price Today Only”. Great sale for anyone who clipped the coupon from yesterday’s flyer. But you never keep up with those coupons.

Sound like anyone you might know?

Scenario 3. Household Nightmare

Laundry day is right NOW, today, Friday. The family vacation starts tomorrow.  Reservations made,  beach supplies packed, the house is clean, and the fridge is full all the kids’ favorite foods.

The last thing left is hampers full of dirty clothes. Time to wash, dry, fold, and pack. The first load is in the washer and now for a quick shower.

You go back to the laundry room, AUGH…sudsy  water is flowing down the hallway. Oh, no! The old washer has been making loud, weird noises and now it finally died.

You remember all those ads for washer dryer sales last week. But you were too busy with vacation preparation to be bothered then. Now the sales are over and you are in a real bind.

Each one of these scenarios could be any one of us. I’m sure you could add your own horror story about shopping fiascos.

Each scenario shows one more reason why we are all online shoppers now more than ever. And why not?


What are pros and cons to online shopping?


  • The convenience of shopping on your laptop, tablet or phone
  • No lines at the checkout
  • Orders shipped directly to your home or office
  • Multiple sites for stores
  • Save gas, time, wear & tear on your car
  • Ease of returns
  • No hassle for you


  • Comparison shopping from site to site
  • Shipping costs
  • Missed online coupons
  • Checkout with each site

Your SOLUTION to these CONS is Market America’s Shop.Com.

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