Easy Steps to Spring Clean Beauty Products

A big “thank you to Leigh Raeder” for these great infographics.

I’m a  very visual person, so “A picture is always worth a thousand words to me.”

Share this post with all your BFF’s. It may surprise them to realize we all keep our favorite cosmetics too long. Check out the expiration date on your products. If it isn’t listed use a marker to date when you opened it.

when to get new cosmetics

These are just a few added comments to keep your products safe:

  • Mascara
    • If it’s dry, throw it away
    • Do not add water to moisten it
  • Don’t share makeup
    •  You may be sharing an infection
    • “Testers” at cosmetic counters are even more likely to be contaminated
    • If you must test a cosmetic, apply with a new, unused applicator
  • Keep containers and applicators clean
  • Store cosmetics properly
    • Don’t expose cosmetics to extreme heat (in a hot car for example)
    • Heat breaks preservatives & causes bacteria and fungi to grow faster
  • Avoid flea markets cosmetics or re-sold cosmetics on the Internet
    • They may be past their shelf life, second hand, diluted,  tampered with,
    • They may be counterfeit or “fake”

Feel free to use these next two infographics to finish your cosmetic “Spring Cleaning”

How to spring clean your makeup graphic


how to spring clean your beauty products 2

Watch for more tips on makeup and cosmetics. Beauty is all around us.

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