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As a visual person “A picture is always worth a thousand words.” I have to share these great infographics from Leigh Raeder’s post about spring cleaning cosmetics. We don’t want to let go of our favorite cosmetics. However, we need to check the expiration date on our beauty products. Another good tip is to write the date on our products when we open them for the first time.

Follow these safety tips for your cosmetics:

  • If your mascara dries out, dispose of it.
  • More importantly, cosmetics are personal items, don’t ever share them.                                        Would you ever share your personal toothbrush?
  • Another perfect breeding place for infections is on cosmetic counter testers.
  • Always use a new or disposable applicator to test a cosmetic.
  • Use clean containers and applicators.
  • Never leave your cosmetics in your car during hot weather.
    Overheating breaks down the preservatives and allows fungi and bacteria to flourish.
  • Never purchase cosmetics from flea markets or internet re-sold cosmetics.
    Most importantly, you have no way to know if these cosmetics are: used, past their shelf life, fake, or even worse, someone has tampered with them.

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