The following is a summary of an article in Entrepreneur.com. It discusses Market America Shop.com’s Shopping Annuity Business Model. It is the 3rd business model discussed in the article. Read the full article using the link at the bottom on this page.

JR Ridinger is the entrepreneur of Market America and Shop.com. His vision was 25 years ahead of the necessary technology for his vision to become a reality. It is here now and ready for forward-thinking people to grasp onto the next e-commerce revolution.

  • Shopping Annuity is about converting your everyday spending into earning
  • Everyday purchases make up the cornerstone of your Shopping Annuity
  • Already very successful in the United States and nine other countries
  • Business model acts like rocket fuel for your UnFranchise Business
  • The concept will transform today’s retail industry
  • Shopping Annuity will revolutionize our economy

In JR’s words, “Let’s face it. Uber is essentially the largest taxi service in the world. They don’t own a single taxi/car. We look at the retail landscape in a similar way.  Consequently, there’s an equally powerful opportunity for us as a global e-commerce powerhouse. People don’t just shop for luxury items, they shop for the things they use every day.  Those purchases make up the cornerstone of a shopping annuity. We feel this concept will revolutionize the retail industry as well as our economy. It took 25 years for the technology to catch up to our original vision.  Interconnected shoppers wield their collective buying power and convert spending into earning.”

We deliver a unique shopping experience at SHOP.COM using unbelievable tools like our search engine, ShopBuddy. This tool works in the background to help you find the best possible deal. SHOP Local allows you to tap into the power of SHOP.COM with purchases from different local retailers. Our primary goal is to deliver a dynamic shopping experience which ultimately helps your “Convert spending into Earning” with the Shopping Annuity.

We are very proud of what we do at SHOP.COM. Many different publications and media outlets recognize us for our industry achievements.

  • TheTopTens.com currently has SHOP.COM listed as the #1 Online Retailer.
  • We’re way ahead of other favorite retailers like Amazon, Overstock, and eBay.

Additional tremendous accomplishments and recognition for our company include:

  • 4 New Telly Awards
  • Our second Torch Award from the BBB
  • Our ranking of #96 on the Internet Retailer Asia 500

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