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   Top 7 Questions Asked About Isotonix

Q: Who should take PRIME Age Defense Formula?

A: Prime™ AGE Defense Formula is great for those who follow a vegetarian diet or smoke as well as those consume a diet rich in processed foods, sweets, alcohol, or grilled, broiled and fried foods.

This is because excess sugar can bond with protein in a process called glycation. The result is the formation of advanced glycation end products (given the clever nickname AGEs) which can change the structure of the protein. Prime™ AGE Defense Formula helps maintain a normal level of AGEs in the body and supports the body’s normal ability to remove AGEs.

Q: Is Isotonix Essentials Turn Down okay for children?

A:  Turn Down is not formulated for children. Studies find that children that have a hard time going to sleep may be overstimulated by their environment. Children that are hard to “quiet down” or are restless in their chairs/beds are often overstimulated and not otherwise sufficiently engaged physically throughout the day. There is more evidence than not supporting the healthy neural development of children when fitness is emphasized.

Additionally, there is growing evidence of childhood sleep disturbances and vitamin D insufficiency. The first line approach to children’s well-being is in a balanced diet with a multivitamin to supplement for the often missed nutrients, omega III fatty acids and a healthy amount of physical activity.

Q: Are the Daily Essentials Packets still effective even once they’ve stopped fizzing?

A: Yes, the fizzing of the product does not affect how your body absorbs the product. Moisture in the bottle, temperature changes, and the temperature of the water can all have an effect on fizziness, but it doesn’t affect the efficacy of the product.

Q: What is Bioperine® and why do you include it in Isotonix Maximum ORAC Formula?

A: Bioperine® is black pepper extract. This ingredient promotes the bioavailability of certain nutrients, especially antioxidants to promote the absorption into the cells lining of the small intestine!

Q: Why is there sugar in Isotonix products?

A: Isotonix products contain approx. 2 grams of sugar, most of which is fructose which has a low glycemic index. To give you a frame of reference, this is equivalent to a small bite of sweet fruit.

Our products have certain quantities of sugar to improve delivery of many key nutrients. Isotonix products being isotonic is due to the remarkable 97% delivery to the small bowel within 5-15 minutes, and that isotonicity is made possible due to the fructose, maltodextrin, and glucose present in the formulations. Glucose is known to facilitate absorption of nutrients.
Do we want the nutrient to be absorbed or are we happy to just swallow it and subsequently flush it down the commode?

While the products do contain some sugar, it is there to create the best possible product. Isotonix is, however, devoid of any binders, fillers, animal gelatin or colorants which characterize many pills, soft gels or hard capsules on the market.

Q: How do I know which Isotonix products would be best for me or which ones I should be taking?

A: There is a wonderful online tool to help select your supplement regimen! By using the online Nutriphysical found on SHOP.COM, you can focus on getting the best, customizable formulation for you. The Nutriphysical not only helps to customize your regimen but helps prioritize your product choices as well!

You can take the Nutriphysical here!

Q: Why is it recommended that I take Isotonix Isochrome with food?

A: We advise that you take Isotonix Isochrome with food because this product contains the fat-soluble coenzyme, CoQ10. This means that is dissolves in fat or oil, making it more effective when consumed with a meal.


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