Amazing Secrets of Tapping, EFT

hand tapping 2

What is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique?

According to Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution, “it is the combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system and body all at once.”

This is a technique using your fingers to tap eight meridian points on your body as you talk through your stress or emotions. This has been effective in relieving anxiety, PTSD, pain, depression, and even illness. It is estimated that over 10 Million people worldwide have used Tapping.

According to Dr. Dawson Church, “Acupoint tapping sends signals directly to the stress centers of the midbrain, not mediated by the frontal lobes (the thinking part, active in talk therapy).” Because EFT simultaneously accesses stress on physical and emotional levels, he adds, “EFT gives you the best of both worlds, body, and mind, like getting a massage during a psychotherapy session.”

For a short video of how to use this techniques click here.

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