How to Lose That Weight Before Your Wedding

Don’t be tempted to go on a “crash diet”. Relax. Instead, read “How to lose that weight before your wedding.”  Choose from our three TLS Bridal Bootcamp programs.

What Is the TLS Bridal Bootcamp?

Most bridal boot camps are no more than unhealthy, glorified crash diets. Our TLS program 
begins with a healthy 7-day Bridal Cleanse. Each program is designed to help our brides learn about healthy, sustainable eating habits. Most importantly, these include:
  • Low Glycemic Impact Eating
  • Body Composition
  • Science-Based Supplementation
  • Educational Videos

A downloadable menu plan, pre-made grocery shopping list, Nutrition Shakes, and supplements are included for your convenience.

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Lose up to 15 pounds using The 4-Week Bridal Bootcamp Kit:

2 TLS Nutrition Shakes
Isotonix Multivitamin
Isotonix OPC-3 (30 servings).

Lose up to 30 pounds using The 8-Week Kit Bridal Bootcamp Kit:

2 bottles of TLS CORE
2 bottles of TLS ACTS
2 boxes of TLS Trim Team
1 box of digestive enzymes with probiotics
2 TLS Nutrition Shakes
1 TLS Health Guide and Journal.

 Lose up to 40 pounds using The 12-Week Kit: Bridal Bootcamp Kit:

3 bottles of TLS CORE
3 bottles of TLS ACTS
3 boxes of TLS Trim Tea
1 TLS Health Guide & Journal
90 serving supply of the Isotonix Daily Essentials Kit
Multivitamin without iron
Activated B-Complex
Calcium Plus
1 TLS Health Guide & Journal

Finally, pick the program that fits your or your goals and timeline. Be sure you have downloaded SHOPBUDDY to ensure you get cashback. Click and add everything to your cart!

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