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Loren Ridinger, the creator of Motives Cosmetics and skincare, has been quoted by such authorities as Vogue and Haute Living as one of fashion and beauty’s most influential persons. Her creative vision produced the highest quality products for any woman on any budget. She can be found on Loren’s World, The Huffington Post, and My Fashion Cents. She has been named among the leaders of beauty and fashion by such authorities as Vogue and Haute Living.   Motives Catalog Rev 2017

“La La Anthony, entertainer and star of VH1’s TV Show Series, La La’s Full Court Fashion, has been added as a Motives extension, Motives for La La. Motives’s for La La is a perfect blend of runway and everyday styles with products uniquely formulated for every shade of today’s modern woman.”    Motives Catalog Rev 2017

If It’s “HOT” M O T I V E S Got It “FIRST”

Motives is always ahead of the curve. If it’s Hot on the runway, we are the first to have the colors and the trends in cosmetics. Watch for pastels everywhere this Spring, especially yellow. Follow the yellow trend in eyeshadows.

“Hottest Colors for Spring 2018”


 What Is Your Skin Telling You?

If your skin feels dry or irritated during these harsh dry winter days, it is telling you something. It is begging for nourishment and a little tender loving care. The same skin care routine you have for warmer months may need a little boost in the winter. Our skin has specific requirements for hot summer months as well. How do you know what to use all during the year?

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Take the skincare analysis on my Motives website. Get a customized regimen for a skincare routine just for your specific needs. Each of our advanced lines of skincare lines is specifically designed to meet the needs of your skin year-round.





Skintelligence botanical skincare line, with natural extracts like lemongrass and lavender, is great for even the most sensitive skin. It is ideal for normal, oily, and sensitive skin types.

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