Market America | SHOP.COM Ranks 65th in Internet Retailer Top 500


Market America | SHOP.COM now ranks 11th in the Internet Retailer category of mass merchants. This means it is one of the leaders that drove more than 95% of the $450 billion in online retails sales for 2017.

“I am very proud of our high ranking on the 2018 Internet Retailer Top 500, and of the UnFranchise® Owners, customers and corporate staff whose hard work and determination made this happen,” says Marc Ashley, President, and COO of Market America Worldwide. “Our business model of entrepreneurship is driven by sales of our industry-leading Market America products and by the millions of Partner Store products available to consumers on SHOP.COM. Being ranked 65th of 500 shows that Market America | SHOP.COM continues to shine as a leading force in e-commerce.”

Credit: Kaitlyn Ivancic, Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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